Gresham and Portland Water Heater Repair

Professional, honest water heater repair

Water heater repair in Gresham OR

Our professionals get water heater repair done right the first time, every time!

If you experience the loss of hot water in your home, office or other property, let us know. We will mobilize as quickly as possible to get your hot water turned back on, and we will make sure it stays on!

Common water heater repair problems include:

  • Hot water heater troubleshooting
  • Gas hot water heater troubleshooting
  • Pressure relief valve leaking
  • Not enough hot water
  • Pilot will not light
  • Slow recovery time
  • Hot water tank is leaking

Why does water heater repair matter?

Water heater repair in Gresham and Portland ORHot water is used every day at home. From a morning shower to washing dishes, your water heater does more work than you might realize. This is why a regular water heater maintenance schedule is so important.

Plumb Tech offers many water heater services. Repair can save you money over the cost of buying a new unit. It is just like paying for car repairs — sometimes, you end up spending so much on repairs that replacement is the better choice. However, a small repair is much more affordable than a full replacement.

Our water heater repair experience makes a difference!

Here are some things you can count on whenPlumb Tech is on the job:

We will always give you an honest assessment. Our primary goal is to get the hot water running again. If that means a quick and easy repair is possible on the same day you call us, you can be sure that is the course of action we will take.

Our work will be thorough and effective. Some water heater repair providers will take their time so they can jack up their invoice. That is not our style. Our certified plumbing professionals will make sure you understand the problem, and we will offer you the most practical solution for your specific property and budget.

Your opinion of our work matters to us! We believe in giving our customers to spread the word about our services. This is why we bring a friendly attitude, a strong work ethic and the right tools to the job.

Plumb Tech is happy to offer a no-obligation quote if you think it is time for water heater repair or replacement. Call 503-668-8800 for your quote today!

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