Not all plumbing pipes are created equal

Plumbing pipes have evolved in the last century. The good news for you is that new types of plumbing pipes improve water use efficiency and are less likely to get damaged beyond repair.

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Polybutylene plumbing pipes

This was a popular material for plumbing installations from 1978 through 1994. However, it was soon discovered that sanitizing agents in public water can oxidize and damage the pipes.

In other words, if you have this type of plumbing in your house, it might be time to upgrade. The cost of a leak can get very pricey to fix. A leak also means you waste water.

Lead plumbing pipes

Since lead pipe plumbing can last up to 100 years or more, its use is very common. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, however, has released various studies on the risk of lead deposits in drinking water.

A retro fit of a lead plumbing system will get rid of this risk. These pipes can also be recycled and used for other purposes, so it is worth the time and money to upgrade if you have lead pipes.

Cross linked polyethylene plumbing pipes

PEX plumbing pipes were introduced in 1980. It is a durable material that can be shaped to fit existing construction for plumbing.

The cost of PEX is often higher than the cost of older materials. It is great for new buildings, and the durability of these pipes can protect you against major plumbing repair costs for decades.

Copper plumbing pipes

Copper is a very popular plumbing material. It lasts for decades and can withstand more than 1,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

The initial cost is more than some of the plastic options. However, once it is in place, you are set for a very long time. Be sure to talk with your plumbing expert about copper for replacing damaged plastic pipes.