Residential Plumbing for Your Portland Home!

It can be tempting to attempt residential plumbing fixes yourself. More often than not, though, tackling it on your own ends up being more costly than hiring a professional.

Residential Plumbing Services that Portlanders can TRUST!


residential plumbing page graphicResidential plumbing is essential to a happy home. Dealing with leaks, clogs, damaged pipes and other issues is all in a day’s work for our residential plumbing pros. AtPlumb Tech, we don’t just know our stuff. We are certified, given positive reviews and keep current on the latest and greatest in plumbing tech and safety. We work hard to earn trust and bring that integrity to every home or apartment where we are called.


Reliable residential plumbing requires proper permits


Damaged plumbing around the house often require expert repair. It is not a safe idea to just up and start tinkering with pipes or fixtures if they stop working at your home. However, you may not have time to get up to speed on Portland plumbing permit requirements. Effective planning for plumbing repairs is also essential. Our plumbers keep current on permit regulations. We can also assess damage or inspect your home to make sure the root cause is fixed, rather than coming back time after time until your water is working again.


What to know about residential plumbing certification


plumbing tools at homeThe State of Oregon takes plumbing seriously. There are several steps in the process to becoming a certified and insured plumber in Portland. Our team includes plumbers that have properly trained, meaning your pipes and fixtures are in good hands. Reliable Oregon plumbing contractors are licensed to work. AtPlumb Tech, we have been in good standing as plumbing contractors for more than 10 years.


When to call a residential plumbing professional


Most plumbing work should only be done by an expert. If you have a clog that is not fixed by a liquid solution such as Drano, that likely means something more serious than hair in the drain. It is unsafe to pull apart pipes on your own for further inspection. Water heater and disposal repair definitely calls for a residential plumbing expert. These devices are both responsible for water flow and use electric energy. Do not risk getting shocked by trying to fix them without proper training and experience. If you need an estimate, or if you need help with a plumbing emergency, contact our team right away!


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