Recycle Water and Lower Your Bills

In today’s economy, every penny counts. It’s worth looking into just about anything that can save you money, especially on recurring household expenses. With all of the bills you pay on a regular basis, water is one household expense you may not give much thought to.  When you do consider saving water you may not think much further than shutting off the tap while you brush your teeth. In reality, there are a lot more everyday activities that pull from your clean water supply. Toilets, dishwashers and washing machines would all work just as well with recycled rain water, and harvested water is the obvious choice for outdoor chores. A simple rain barrels setup can result in free, easily accessible water for gardening, watering lawns, washing cars and windows, and more. Harvesting rain water is a simple process with ample rewards to the planet and your pocketbook.

Rainwater harvested in barrels can be used for a variety of purposes. Probably the most common use is for gardening and watering crops, especially in times of drought. This practice is especially useful in temperate climates like ours here in the Pacific Northwest. Water can be saved during wetter seasons and then used for irrigation in times when there is little to no rainfall. This saves clean water for other purposes, although collected rain water can be treated to be safe for drinking by livestock or even people.

Custom Rain Barrels Setup

Rainwater harvesting systems come in various setups, sized depending on individual needs. The typical system is large enough to account for daily use and still store enough water for entirety of the dry season. Suburban systems typically use roof and gutter attachments that funnel rain water down into storage barrels, which come in a variety of sizes. Even the smallest home can benefit from saving rainwater to some degree.

Even just the minimum of using harvested rainwater for non-drinking purposes – laundry, toilet flushing, watering crops – is a sustainable practice that benefits the environment and saves money. Having a barrel of saved water can also be a major resource in times of natural disaster or other emergency, bringing you invaluable peace of mind. If recycling water with a home rain barrel system sounds like a good fit for your lifestyle, contact our experts here atPlumb Tech to find out more about your options.