Plumbing Remodels for Your Portland Homes!

You are finally ready to do that big remodel project... but who will you trust with plumbing? Read on and you won't have any problems deciding!

Portland & Gresham Plumbing Remodels

We help homeowners all over Gresham and the greater Portland area with their biggest plumbing jobs – and those are most often complete plumbing remodels.

Adding On? New Look? Your Remodel Starts With the Plumbing

Plumbing Remodels Portland GreshamNo matter what your plan for the remodel is, whether it’s an all new kitchen or bathroom, it all starts with the plumbing!  We want your project to be a total success.  That being said, we simply have to recommend ourselves are your go-to plumbing remodel team.  Why? Because a project done twice costs twice as much – and we hit the target the first time. We are Portland’s most recommended plumbing contractor because we estimate accurately, complete our work on time and in budget, but even more because our quality is second to none!

Plumbing Remodels Require Team Coordination

Portland Gresham Plumbing RemodelsDepending on the project, your workload may include working with a general contractor, or if you choose to be the project manager yourself then you need to coordinate with electricians, carpenters and more. We excel at this project coordination.  By being on time with everything, from estimating to work completion, we will never be the one to hold up your remodel – and that is priceless.

You Know Who To Call for Your Plumbing Remodel -Plumb Tech!