Plumbing cost savings can go a long way

Plumbing cost savings at home or in a commercial building make property owners very happy. Water savings are good for your wallet, and for your environmental impact.

Plumb Tech has experts with ideas about plumbing cost savings. Check out these tips and enjoy the reduction in your water bill!

Plumbing cost savings around the house

Plumbing upgrades often mean savings.

A group in Maryland has reduced water costs in the area by almost $60 billion over 20 years. Most of this is the result of plumbing materials upgrades. 

In other words, one of the best ways to save money on plumbing in the long haul is to hire a plumbing contractor for upgrades. Figure out what repiping, new appliances or other upgrades will cost, factor in the savings each month and determine how quickly the work will pay for itself.

Be practical in your use of water.

In other words, keep up with the basic best practices, such as:

  • Do not run a sink if you are not using the water.
  • Fix a leak right away.
  • Try to limit your time in the shower.
  • Turn off the hose when you are finished.
  • Restrict your sprinkler use to just the amount you need.

Plumbing cost savings at the office

Look into a water cooler.

If your employees rely on sinks or water fountains for a drink, you may want to shell out for a water cooler. The monthly costs of the cooler can help cut down on water you draw from the building, so unless you have a fixed water rate in your lease, using less is the best.

Encourage employees to be conscious of water use.

Just like with roommates or family members at home, make sure your fellow employees are mindful of how much water they use around the office. If you run a business, and your water costs are out of control, you may need to hold a meeting to remind everyone just how much it helps the business when they conserve water.