Old Home Plumbing

Old Home Plumbing Service

Do you own one of Portland’s classic old homes?

Older homes present a unique set of maintenance challenges that are sometimes well beyond the scope of a do-it-yourselfer. Old home plumbing can be particularly tricky.Plumb Tech can bring your old plumbing/sewer system up to today’s standards, while protecting the charm and value of your older home.

Common plumbing problems in older homes

Under-slab plumbing problems

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Common in older homes, plumbing located underneath the slab of the house begins to leak. To diagnose the problem,Plumb Tech will perform a hydrostatic test to see how well the pipes hold water. Repair involves jack hammering the slab and replacing the affected pipes.

Galvanized pipe problems

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Galvanized iron pipes were common in homes built more than 50 years ago. As the life span of these pipes is roughly 50 years, many people with older homes are finding their old plumbing in need of repair or replacement. As galvanized pipes deteriorate, mineral deposits build up on the insides of the pipe, severely reducing the flow of water through the pipes. There is also some concern with lead leaching into the drinking water.Plumb Tech can replace galvanized pipes with a safe, modern plumbing system.

Polybutylene pipe problems

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Polybutylene pipes are commonly found in homes built between 1978 and 1995. They are susceptible to sudden and catastrophic failure and are no longer used in modern plumbing systems.Plumb Tech can repair or replace the polybutylene pipe in your older home.

Drainage problems

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Over time, drainage pipes can become clogged or broken. If your sinks or tubs drain slowly or back up often or if your basement floods frequently,Plumb Tech can provide drain or sewer cleaning services or install a basement sump pump to resolve the issue.