A professional plumber will make your life much easier than trying to handle DIY projects around the house


Professional plumbers are not right for every job. If you have a clogged sink because a wet paper towel is stuck in the drain, for example, you can probably manage to fish out the paper towel on your own.

However, the professional plumbers atPlumb Tech are here to help you decide on which projects you can handle alone, and which projects call for a certified plumbing expert.

What is the most important factor in choosing a professional plumber?

Your comfort level and trust in yourself is the biggest factor. Do not try to take on any plumbing fix if you are unsure of yourself.

If you have to stop and ask whether or not you feel safe working on a specific plumbing project around your house, just put the tools down and call a pro.

Watching online videos or trusting advice from your buddy that used to be a plumber is not safe. Think of it this way: How much risk is there of you doing major damage? Removing a clog is a low-risk fix, but installing a new pipe is much riskier.

What about the cost of a professional plumber?

It is probably overkill to pay a plumber up to fix a jammed garbage disposal. However, the speed and safety of paying a pro to remove and replace rusty pipes is bargain — until that pro is done, you have to deal with low water quality.

You can take some steps to ensure the best financial result:

• Request free quotes from reliable plumbers in your area
• Do some online research to make sure you fully understand the problem
• Find out what it would cost to buy tools and parts if you tried to fix the problem yourself

Again, the real cost of DIY work is that you do not have a certified, licensed plumber on hand who can get the job done right the first time. Also, what if something goes drastically wrong? If you forget to shut off the water before taking a wrench to your pipes, you may flood your home.

How can I find a professional plumber worth my money and time?

Online research has made it easier than ever to locate reliable in-area plumbers. Reviews from other customers can help you hire the best professional in town for plumbing services.

You can also go the old-fashioned route and ask people you trust for ideas on local plumbing experts. Do not hesitate to ask about specials or discounts when you first contact a plumber, as this may save you a few extra bucks!