Home plumbing problems might require help from a professional

Some home plumbing problems are easy enough to fix on your own. A leaky faucet, for example, might be fixed with a single twist of a wrench.

However, as most home owners can tell you, there are some plumbing issues around the house that call for an expert.Plumb Tech is here to provide tips on home plumbing problems.

What home plumbing problems can I handle on my own?

Any do-it-yourself repair comes down to two questions:

  • Do you trust your own expertise?
  • Have you ever tried the repair on your own?

In other words, if you are attempting to fix a broken faucet for the first time, and you have never seen it done before, you will more than likely make the faucet problem even worse. However, if you have seen a repair done by an expert, and you trust yourself with the right plumbing tools, you can probably get the faucet up and running again on your own.

What about home plumbing problems I cannot handle myself?

If you do not trust your own level of expertise, be honest about it. Using the wrong tool or skipping an important step in the process can lead to serious property damage, personal injury and, in some cases, a fine from a city or county agency (this usually only happens if unlicensed plumbing work at a business property takes place).

A certified plumbing professional will know how to quickly and safely manage the problem. It is less costly to have a pro do the work right away than it is to try a fix yourself, only to make the situation worse and more time consuming for the expert to fix.

3 basic home plumbing problems

Toilet will not stop running

Check the flapper in the basin and make sure it is going all the way down. The chain may be tangled, or a seal may be worn on the flapper.

Clogged sink backing up

Look for obstructions at the top of the drain. Pour boiling water into the drain to clear it, or use a pipe-draining product to clear the way.

Leaking water near an appliance

Check the pipe that feeds into the appliance, if you can. Pipe fittings in the wall behind a laundry machine, fridge or dishwasher may need to be tightened from time to time.

If these basic fixes do not resolve your home plumbing problems, and you are not experienced in further inspection or repair, let a pro visit your home or office and make sure there is not a more serious issue with your plumbing.