Ideas for home plumbing jobs and projects

Home plumbing jobs can be tricky. The best way to make sure that your home plumbing stays safe is to hire a trusted plumbing professional.

Here are a few ideasPlumb Tech can recommend as you get a start on your spring cleaning check list.

What sort of home plumbing jobs can I do on my own?

Some of the most basic plumbing work does not require any training. This includes jobs such as the following.

Pour boiling water down your kitchen sink every so often

This will help lower the risk of food debris getting stuck to your pipes and causing a clog.

Turn your water heater from low to high, then back again

In other words, check that your water heater is doing its job. If you make an adjustment but do not observe a change in water temp, your heater or your plumbing could have a problem.

Do a visual inspection for mold or mildew

A small collection of mold can be treated with disinfectant wipes, but any gathering that is larger than a finger or two is usually a sign that mold or mildew is serious. Contact an expert for mold remediation.

What sort of home plumbing jobs should I ask an expert to do?

Just about any job that calls for special tools or shutting off your water are best left to the pros. Contact one right away if you spot these problems.

Burst pipe repair and replacement

A burst pipe means a serious clog has happened. This is usually due to frozen water in your pipes, but large objects or buildups can cause a backed up pipe to burst.

Broken water heater service or replacement

It is very possible to sustain a burn during this type of home plumbing job. You may also damage the heater itself or the housing. Experts can also help test a new heater to make sure it works properly.