Garbage disposal repair is a job for the experts

Garbage disposal repair is one of those things home owners wish they did not have to worry about. However, disposals can wear down, get damaged or get clogged.

The certified plumbing experts atPlumb Tech can solve your garbage disposal problems! Here is a look at some reasons why a pro should be contacted.

When do I need garbage disposal repair?

There are three clear signs that it is time to fix the disposal.

Disposal makes unexpected noises
Loud, crunching or scraping noises could mean a piece of silverware or other solid object is stuck in the blades. Even if you remove the object by hand, more debris could be caught under the blades.

Disposal emits a bad smell
If a persistent sewer smell is rising from your sink, there could be damage to the disposal unit or to your drain pipe. If you smell metal-on-metal grinding, the unit may be worn down.

Disposal does not turn on at all
If the disposal does not respond to the on switch, it could be an issue with the switch or with a clog. It may also mean the disposal is faulty beyond repair.

Can I just do garbage disposal repair on my own?

It is possible to fix a simple clog on your own. You can probably handle patching a leak if you spot one.

However, if the issue is related to electrical or sewer connections, a professional should be contacted. You could violate home owner’s insurance, a rental agreement or parts warranty by trying to fix it yourself.

How much will garbage disposal repair cost?

Each disposal is different, so it is tricky to set an exact dollar amount. If the disposal unit itself still works, and all you need is to clear the pipes or repair the electrical connection, the repair should be very affordable.

However, if the unit is damaged beyond repair, or if the plumbing/electrical wiring needs to be replaced, the cost goes up quite a bit. Make sure you take steps to prevent damage, such as telling kids the disposal is not a toy.