Reasons to conserve water at home or the office

Efforts to conserve water are important. More and more these days, it is clear that water is a finite resource, and we all must do our part to ensure a healthy water supply for the future.

Plumb Tech has some tips to help you conserve water. Be sure to share these tips with your kids, roommates and coworkers!

Simple tips to conserve water

These are the sort of tips that anyone can follow, even little kids.

Always turn off any sink not in use.

There are 3.9 trillion tons of water consumed every month in the U.S., according to the American Water Works Association. A large percentage of that consumption is due to leaks and unnecessary use of running water. Be sure to tell kids they ought to completely turn off a sink when they are done washing, brushing or otherwise using the sink.

Check often for leaks in plumbing or at water fixtures.

In addition to saving water, spotting and fixing leaks saves homeowners about 10 percent on their water bills. Be sure to check your faucets, shower heads, spigots, washing machine connections and more for leaks on a regular basis. If you need help fixing a leak, get in touch with plumbing professionals.

Upgrades that can help conserve water

The simple act of putting in new plumbing or water fixtures can help conserve water in a major way.

A new laundry washing machine may reduce water use.

Every month, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency releases a list of the most effective washing machines. If you are thinking about getting a new washer, use the most recent list to find the best new appliance to help save water around your house.

Toilet upgrades may lead to huge savings on water costs.

WaterSense is similar to EnergyStar, a label meaning that a certain product is proven to help reduce energy use and costs. Modern WaterSense toilets can yield savings of up to 13,000 gallons per year, meaning savings of more than $100.