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A clean, healthy home relies on excellent plumbing, and we are here to help!

Bathroom plumbing is work for the pros

Americans spend more than $2 billion every year on plumbing and bathroom fixtures. Most of that dollar amount accounts for repairs of major plumbing problems in the bathroom.

Several repairs cost more than necessary due to DIY plumbing gone wrong. You might THINK that it’s easy enough to install a new toilet by yourself, and thus save about $150. However, a botched install can lead to thousands for major repairs if the toilet is not installed the correct way.

This is whyPlumb Tech brings their A game to every bathroom plumbing project! We will save you money and get the job done right.

Installation and repair for toilets, showers, baths, sinks and custom fixtures

plumbing in a Portland bathroomInstallation is definitely not for beginners. Repairs can also go very wrong when left to an amateur.

Before deciding to install new fixtures, get advice from a certified professional bathroom plumbing expert. A hardware or plumbing supplies store might try to sell you their priciest products, but experienced plumbers are your best bet for an honest estimate.

How your bathroom plumbing affects your home

Bathrooms are a necessity. They are also a place for relaxation in the tub or where you go to feel clean after work, a workout or day with the kids and pets.

hot water plumbing for bathroom basin

We work with Portland and Gresham residents so that they love their bathrooms! This includes the basics, such as ensuring that your water heater and pipes work properly for years and years before they wear out. It also means ensuring that drains do not clog easily, and that your home is not stunk up by a broken toilet at the worst possible time.

Our certified plumbing pros have seen every kind of problem, and more importantly, have experience fixing every kind of plumbing issue. We stand by every installation and are happy to recommend brands for any plumbing fixture you have in mind during remodels, new construction and other projects.

How we deal with old home bathroom plumbing issues

Portland plumber works in bathroomOwning an old home means you find many reasons to get angry at the pipes. Our customers show us plenty of love, however, once we get on the job.

Owners of old homes see us more frequently for fixes to their bathroom plumbing. We work with these customers to meet their budget and give quality advice.

In some cases, we recommend a repiping of your home to really get at the root of the issues. We do our best, however, to help you avoid the time and cost required for a major plumbing remodel project.

CallPlumb Tech at 503-668-8800 for a no-obligation quote!

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