Water heater upgrades in December make a big winter difference

A water heater upgrade may be a smart choice as it gets colder and colder. However, it may not be totally necessary if you already have a high-powered, water-heating machine in your house.

Plumb Tech is here to help Portland residents with water heater upgrades. Read on for ideas on your water heater needs this winter!

How can I tell if I need a water heater upgrade?

It is time to get a new water heater if you experience any one of the following:

Hot water runs out faster than expected on a daily basis
This is a sign that one or more component is not doing its job. The exact times are different for everyone, but here is a guide:

  • 5 minutes or less of hot shower water
  • 15 minutes or less of continuous hot faucet water
  • No hot water if dish washer, laundry washer or other major water appliance is on

A plumber might be able to service a single faulty component, though any faulty heater more than a decade old should probably just be upgraded.

Water temps go up and down at random
This is usually a sign that a water heater is working harder than it should. Best to replace it than play water heater detective as the house goes without hot water for days.

Temp does not change after you adjust the water heater
If you set your water heater to a low temp during hot seasons, but they do not seem to go back up when you set them high again, it could be a mechanical or electrical failure with your control panel.

Is a water heater upgrade expensive?

There are several options for every budget. Think about how important hot water is to you and the rest of the people in your house, then set a budget based on what you can all afford.

A new installation usually comes with free shipping, and upgrades usually include free haul-away of the old water heater. It also helps to simply ask about winter specials!

What are the risks of not getting a water heater upgrade?

Well, no hot water is an obvious risk. Aside from that, a faulty water heater can cause your energy bill to spike.

If an old, eroded tank does not get replaced, it could start to leak all over the floor. This can lead to mold, so have a professional plumber inspect your water heater if you spot a leak.