Nothing ruins a good day like a clogged, overflowing toilet.

The plumbers atPlumb Tech want to make sure your toilet plumbing is perfect, so we’ve compiled a list of common plumbing problems–as well as signs that it’s time to bring in the experts to help you with your toilet plumbing problems.

Here are a few common toilet plumbing problems:

  • Toilet doesn’t flush–or doesn’t flush all the way
  • Water trickles into the bowl (also called “phantom flushes)
  • Toilet overflows when flushed
  • Toilet constantly fills with water. Some people call this a “running toilet.” Basically, you will hear the sound of the tank refilling–and refilling–and refilling.
  • Bowl empties slowly.
  • Toilet is loose and can shift/rock when people sit on it.
  • Toilet tank is always empty
  • Too little water in toilet bowl (which can result in items left behind in the bowl after a flush)
  • Multiple flushes–when you push the lever once, but the toilet goes for the gold–and flushes twice.
  • Leaky seals
  • Worn ball cock valve that results in moaning (usually heard at night)
  • Whistling toilets

There are also several major problems such as:

  • Toilet bowl or tank cracking, fracturing, or leaking water.
  • Toilet installation and/or replacement

If you notice any of these common plumbing problems, don’t hesitate to call us – your Portland and Gresham plumbing company with years of experience. We can help you with any plumbing job, and we are always here to offer advice, suggestions, and a helping hand.