Tips for plumbing projects Portland home owners will appreciate


Summer plumbing projects in the Portland area are important to home owners. If you have been thinking about laying new plumbing lines on your property, it is best to do this when the rain will not cloud your vision.

Here are some great summer plumbing project ideas for Portland property owners. Remember to only take on projects if you understand the safety requirements involved, and be sure to shut off your water before getting started to avoid the risk of flooding or water damage.

Summer plumbing project idea #1: Remove and replace rusty pipes

If your water is cloudy, rusty pipes might be the problem. Fixing a rusty pipe in the cellar or basement is easy enough during any season. However, if you find rusty pipes that extend to under your yard, the sunny season is a great time to replace the rusty pipe.

Start by reading the Plumb Tech guide to rusty pipes. Any plumbing that is not under your control will require notifying the city of the work. If you must dig up a public road or other area, you may want to hire a contractor with the necessary licenses to get the work done safely and without violating city ordinances.

Summer plumbing project idea #2: Plumbing for additions

Adding a room on to your home can increase its value. You may want an extra bedroom, an office, an expanded living room or other extra space. When the addition requires plumbing, it should get piped in along with other utilities.

Whether you hire a Portland plumbing contractor or do the work yourself, get your utilities taken care of as soon as you can. Worry about the finishing touches once you are sure you are done cutting into walls or flooring.

Summer plumbing project idea #3: Appliance and water fixture replacement

Washing machines, dish washers, toilets and sinks can all be easily replaced in summer time. If you have kids, the usage rate for each appliance and fixture is likely to increase when they are out of school for the season.

You may want to lower the temperature for water heater during summer. This is a great way to lower your utility bill, since the natural heat of a Portland summer means your water can easily reach temperatures needed for appliances or fixtures without help from your electric water heater.

If you want help from a local Portland plumber when it comes to your home, contactPlumb Tech. Our summer plumbing experts are happy to recommend the best projects for your home in the coming months!