Piping Portland homes or repiping Portland homes the right way is what we do!

When first discovered, the issue of repiping your home can be quite overwhelming. Yet at the same time you may feel somewhat relived that now you know why your water pressure is terrible, your tap water is a strange color with an even stranger taste, and the reason behind the recently discovered pinhole leaks. First you need to find a reliable plumber who specializes in repiping. A job done incorrectly can cause an even bigger headache then the one at hand.

Why is my plumbing failing?

You may be asking yourself, “How did this happen?” The answer is simple. While your home’s piping is designed to last many years, there still remain many components that can cause the pipes to fail. The biggest culprit is erosion. Erosion and rust then leads to leaking and broken pipes throughout your home.

The first and most important decision to be made is who you will hire to complete the project of repiping your home.Plumb Tech has an excellent team of repiping specialists who understand that your time and your home are extremely valuable to you. After you have chosen the plumber who can adequately complete the task at hand, they will do a site inspection. They will then complete a system lay out to map where the old pipes are and where the new pipes will be placed. From there they will move on to site preparation which often includes cutting into the walls and ceiling in order to reach the old pipes. Once the installation is complete, the plumber should manage the repair of the walls and ceiling to your standards.

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When it comes time to repipe your Portland home, choose your plumbing contractors well because this is going to be a big job!  Done right and the plumbing in your home will last for years to come… done wrong, and many headaches can ensue.