Major plumbing repairs and services can be prevented with these tips


The cost and time to deal with major plumbing repair make every home owner worry. The best way to stay away from these costs is to plan ahead!

The experts on major plumbing repair atPlumb Tech recommend that you follow these steps to avoid such hassles.

What are major plumbing repairs?

Major plumbing services refer to any situation where a professional is required. Unclogging a sink or fixing a toilet handle are simple enough tasks that you can more than likely take care of them on your own. However, any one of the following situations ought to include help from a trained expert:

  • A burst water main on or near your property
  • A frozen pipe in winter
  • A leak along the plumbing in your walls
  • Damage to a water heater that causes it to stop working
  • Natural disaster or animal damage to plumbing on your property

Any of those problems will require special tools, new piping and experience with plumbing systems to fix the right way. If a public water main or plumbing component is damaged, get in touch with your local water department.

What should I expect to pay for major plumbing repair services?

This depends on the answers to a few questions:

  • How severe is the damage?
  • How soon does the damage need to be fixed?
  • How many actual plumbing parts need to be repaired or replaced?

In other words, a leaky water heater means you should shut it off right away. From there, you can take some time to find a new water heater in your budget. You will not have hot water until then, but you are not in any immediate danger.

However, a pipe that freezes and bursts means the pipe itself. It may also mean damage to faucets, sprinklers, spigots and more that will not work properly until they are replaced. It is best to shut off water until you have the damaged components repaired or replaced by a professional.

How can I prevent the risk of major plumbing repair?

Follow this guide on how you can prevent frozen pipes in winter. Also, make sure to check for leaks every now and then, since they usually offer early warning for a much bigger issue.

Get in touch withPlumb Tech if you want an inspection. We also offer maintenance services to help you keep the risk of major damage to a minimum!