Sick of kitchen sink clogs? Here are some plumbing tips from the experts!

Kitchen sink clog issues happen. There are risks to your health and to your wallet if you do not take care of kitchen plumbing clogs.

The kitchen sing clog removal experts atPlumb Tech are here for you! Check out these tips on how to prevent clogs in the kitchen sink before they stay start.

Defense is the best offense when it comes to kitchen sink clog safety

In other words, follow these tips any time you use the kitchen sink.

Scrape large food waste into the trash, not the sink

Even with a powerful food disposal in your sink, leftovers should go into a garbage. You never know what might still be on the plate that could damage your disposal. Even worse, if your disposal stops working, you are stuck with a bill to repair the disposal and you might end up with a major clog from the solid food waste.

Do not pour grease down the drain

A small amount of greasy residue on a plate after a meal is likely safe. However, do not dump the goo from a baked ham or turkey into your sink, since the grease can harden right into a clog.

Teach kids to respect the kitchen plumbing

Disposals are not toys. Make sure small children and pets are not able to damage the plumbing under your sink of they crawl into space, or put up protective measures if your pipes are exposed.

Boiling water helps keep kitchen plumbing clear

Once in a while, boil a pot of water and pour it down the drain. This can help clear away any residue that you are not able to reach by hand. Less residue means a lower risk of a clog accumulating at one of the joints in your plumbing system that could cause a pipe to burst.

Kitchen sink clog repair in Portland and Gresham

If it is too late, and you have a heck of a clog in your kitchen plumbing, let one of our certified plumbing professionals come help! We will assess your plumbing and try to save you money in the process. If it is a simple clog that needs the right tool to clear, we can clear the clog on the spot. If major damage has occurred thanks to the clog, we will provide a free estimate to repair or replace your kitchen plumbing.