Tips for exposed pipes around your home

Exposed pipes can make for some great home design. They can also pose a lot of safety risks.

The experienced plumbing professionals at United are here for you. Read on to learn more about exposed pipe safety and design ideas.

What do I need to know about exposed pipes?

Safety is the first concern. If you are thinking about exposed pipes as part of your interior design, consider your living situation.

Small children that can easily grab or climb on these pipes mean you may want to design your home in a different way. If you want to remodel a basement, kitchen, bathroom or other area of the house, get an estimate from a reliable plumbing contractor.

One of these experts can help you learn more about home design and plumbing ideas, including:

  • Cost of materials
  • Cost of installation/removal of existing plumbing
  • Expected increase or decrease in monthly water utility costs

Are exposed pipes more or less dangerous than pipes in the wall?

It is about the same. One benefit to pipes you can see outside the wall is how easy you can spot rust, leaks or other problems.

Some of these pipes will have to be covered in the winter to prevent bursting pipes. Mold or mildew issues can occur with any kind of plumbing, though poor ventilation in a home with exposed, aging pipes pose a higher risk.

What can I do to hide exposed pipes?

If you want to cover up your plumbing, it might be as simple as building a wall or cabinet. You may also have to take the time to install new plumbing, depending on how long the pipes are that you wish to hide from plain view.

The time and cost of work to either expose or hide plumbing means you should make a firm decision. Get a professional plumbing opinion and make a choice that will last for the long haul.